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Kaia FIT Is Shaking Up Womens Fitness in Brentwood

There are many ways to design womens fitness programs, but none quite like Kaia FIT. Our group workout classes are unique because you’ll get the one-on-one attention you need and the encouragement and motivation of working out in a group setting. At Kaia FIT, we are more than just another gym. You’ll not only get a great workout when you show up, but you’ll also enjoy the positive reinforcement and accountability that comes with getting to know like-minded women with similar goals. 

We offer a variety of group fitness classes to choose from, and most of our clients enjoy mixing it up with our many different options. Try our barre classes, a unique combination of postures inspired by Yoga-Pilates, ballet, and Kaia. These classes incorporate equipment such as yoga blocks and resistance bands to maximize your endurance and focus. Our Cross-Training classes blend high-intensity cardio with weighted and non-weighted movements for a total-body workout. With an emphasis on muscle confusion for optimal results, each session is different and new. 

We also have Kaia FIT nutrition programs because proper nutrition is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle. Our meal guides, monthly challenges, educational webinars, and helpful tips will put you on the fast track to excellent overall health. 

Staying Active in Brentwood

You can’t spend all your time at the gym, of course – but that’s okay because there are numerous ways to keep moving around Brentwood. When you can’t attend our group fitness classes, check out one of these healthy attractions nearby. 

  • Round Valley Regional Preserve. Round Valley is a park located on the edge of Brentwood. This is an excellent area for hiking with wooded hills, beautiful oak groves, and gorgeous weather. 
  • Dow Wetlands Wildlife Habitat. Dow Wetlands Wildlife Habitat is located in nearby Antioch and features 470 acres of wildlife preserve. Come for a long walk and enjoy observing the birds, beavers, turtles, otters, and more. 
  • Big Break Regional Shoreline. Note that you can’t swim here, but it’s ideal for walking and running, and on any given day you’ll see people out jogging with their dogs. There are also shaded picnic areas for when you get tired and need a healthy snack. 

Join Our Cardio Workout Classes Today

Group fitness classes are uniquely effective when it comes to working out. At Kaia FIT, you’ll discover the support system you need to move closer and closer to your goals. Our fitness programs for women will help you achieve a level of fitness you may have thought was out of reach. Contact us today to learn more about our group fitness classes or book a session. 

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